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New Secretary-General Kim Yong-bin Inaugurated

Date :07/28/2023Read : 62


Kim Yong-bin, the new Secretary-General of the National Election Commission(NEC) of the Republic of Korea, took office on July 26.

The NEC held the inauguration ceremony of Secretary-General Kim on July 26 at the auditorium of the NEC Secretariat Office, attended by the Standing Commissioner, high-ranking officials, and public officials. In his inauguration speech, Secretary-General Kim suggested to employees the future direction of the NEC, saying, "We will restore public trust through organizational reform and fair election management that meets the public standards."

First, he emphasized the innovation of the organization. Secretary-General Kim called for the NEC to make efforts to reform its overall affairs and perform organizational innovation to restore public trust. In addition, he urged employees to actively participate in the innovation, saying that honest recognition and sincere reflection on past mistakes could restore public trust.


Furthermore, Secretary-General Kim said that the NEC should put the people first. He asked the officials to bear in mind the constitutional responsibility of fair election management and to have the basic attitude of public officials as volunteers to the entire people. He also asked for all-out efforts for the upcoming 22nd National Assembly elections.

Press Releases
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