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Regional Director for Asia-Pacific of IFES Visits NEC

Date :02/06/2024Read : 24

Regional Director for Asia-Pacific of IFES Visits NEC

Ms. Melika Atik, Regional Director for Asia-Pacific of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) visited the NEC of the Republic of Korea on Friday, January 26, 2024. Regional Director Atik's visit was to discuss the NEC's preparations for the upcoming 22nd National Assembly elections that are scheduled to be conducted on April 10, 2024. 

During the meeting, Regional Director for Asia-Pacific Atik made an introduction about the IFES and her role as the Regional Director for Asia-Pacific at the IFES as well as the side event the IFES is organizing at the Summit for Democracy in March along as a co-lead. The two organizations also discussed the successful national referendum conducted by Austrailia last year in terms of risk managment and communication strategy. Moreover, the two organizations stressed the importance of earning trust of the public as it is the essential key in elections. 

The NEC and Regional Director for Asia-Pacific Melika Atik had a meaningful time together as they discussed fruitful agendas such as the upcoming International Election Observation Program, challenges different EMBs are faced with today, election campaigning using Artificial Intelligence, etc.. 

Both the NEC and the IFES wish to continue to further its coordination together in the field of elections and share knowledge and experiences in advancing democracy.

Press Releases
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