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Seoul International Forum on Elections (SIFE)

The Seoul International Forum on Elections is held annually during the spring and is forum in order for established experts in the field to come together to discuss issues related to election management, share ideas and debate how to make elections around the world cleaner, fairer and more inclusive.

The National Election Commission (NEC) invites some of the most prominent organizations and experts in the field of elections, including professionals from other election management bodies, to speak at the forum in line with its commitment to international cooperation. SIFE is now establishing itself as an important part of the election management community calendar, with 100 participants from around the world taking part in 2018.

The forum is a one-day event, with the day split into three sessions on topics chosen by the NEC. These topics are chosen according to the trends of election management and with the input of the various departments and affiliated organizations of the NEC. The forum is held in a prominent venue in Seoul, and speakers are also given the opportunity to visit the NEC office and learn more about the Korean election and political system during their visit.