Right to Vote and Electoral Eligibility

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Right to Vote and Eligibility for Election

  • Right to Vote

    Korean citizens aged eighteen years of age or more have the right to vote in presidential elections and National Assembly elections.
    Korean citizens aged nineteen years of age or more that are registered as a resident in the constituency under the jurisdiction of the relevant local government as of the date used as the standard for creating the voters list has the right to vote in local elections.
    According to Article 34 (Preparation and Management of Registration Form of Foreigners) of the 'Immigration Control Act,' a non-Korean citizen registered in the relevant local constituency and who has had a resident visa for at least three years has the right to vote.

  • Major Reasons for Disqualification

    - A person who is sentenced to imprisonment or confinement for one year or more and whose punishment has not been completed or whose final decision has yet to be handed down (excluding someone on probation).
    - A person who has been given to a monetary penalty of one million Korean won ($840 USD) or more due to an offence such as an election crime, political fund crime or bribery