Status and History

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Status and History

  • Status
    • Independent
      Constitutional Body

      The National Election Commission (NEC) of the Republic of Korea was established as an independent constitutional body that has equal status as highest constitutional institution as the National Assembly, the Executive Ministries, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court. It is established to manage free and fair elections and national referendums and other administrative affairs concerning political parties and political funds.

    • Guaranteeing

      The commissioners of the NEC are guaranteed their tenure and status in accordance with the Constitution and relevant Acts in order to ensure their political neutrality and impartiality in fulfilling their duties. All commissioners and employees of the NEC are strictly prohibited from joining a political party or participating in political activities and carry out their duties in the pursuit of ’strict neutrality and impartial management’ in compliance with the law and the principle.

  • History
    • Establishment

      The very first election of the four principles (of guaranteeing universal, fair, direct, and secret ballot) in the Republic of Korea conducted through democratic procedures was the 1948 Constitutional Assembly election.
      The National Election Commission was established in the 3rd Amendment of the 2nd Republic in 1960 to ensure fair election management in the wake of the March 15 rigged election in 1960. Still, the organization was closed and lost its function immediately after the May 16 military coup in 1961.
      The establishment of the NEC as a constitutional body was stipulated in the fifth revision of the constitution in 1962.