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What You May Want to Know for the 20th Presidential Election in the Republic of Korea

Date :03/03/2022Read : 1180

What is Happening in Prepartion of the 20th Presidential Election in the Republic of Korea?

1. Voting Hours are Extended 

The special measures of voting management are taken, so that the COVID-19 infected voters and the quarantined are permitted to vote on the second day of early voting period if they arrive before 18:00 at a designated polling station and on election day from 18:00 to 19:30.

2. The Total Number of Eligible Voters for the Election

The total number of 44,197,692 eligible voters are confirmed for the 20th presidential election. This is the number increased from 43,994,247 eligible voters in the 21st National Assembly Elections.


3. Election Live Broadcast

The NEC is live broadcasting the voting and counting process for the 20th presidential election during the early voting period(March 4-5, 2022) and on election day(March 9) through Korea Election Television.


You can watch the voting and counting process broadcast live by Korea Election Television through KT olleh (channel 273), SK BTV Cable (channel 205), LGU+ TV (channel 256), KCTV Jeju TV (channel 354), National Assembly TV, the homepage of Korea Election Television, NEC Youtube, NaverTV, KakaoTV, Facebook, and Twitter.


4. Overseas Voting Turnout

The overseas voting turnout for the 20th presidential election reached 71.6 % with 161,878 overseas voters’ participation out of the whole number of 226,162 overseas voters. The overseas voting took place at 219 polling stations in 115 countries (177 diplomatic missions) under the cooperation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic missions from February 23 to 28.


5. Public Polling on How Interested the Voters are in Participating in the Election

The NEC conducted a public opinion poll targeting the eligible voters with the 20th presidential election ahead regarding how interested people are in the presidential election and how much intention they have for taking part in voting. The result shows that 89.9 percent of the voters, which means nine out of ten voters, is taking interest in this election, and that eight out of ten voters said that they will vote for certain.

Press Releases
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