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Nov 2023 NEC News

Date :12/13/2023Read : 135

2 Nov: Preparation of Comprehensive Measures to Improve Information Security System

The National Election Commission of the Republic of Korea has prepared a comprehensive plan to improve the information security system to improve security vulnerabilities revealed in security consulting jointly conducted with the National Intelligence Service and the Korea Internet & Security Agency. In ordder to expedite the implementation, the Security Consulting Results Implementation TF Team has been formed and operated since October 4, and plans to strengthen the security of election systems such as voting and counting. It also plans to strenghten the security of major information and communication infrastructure, and fortify its own information security capabilieis.

3 Nov: Head of Si/Do Election Commission Meeting Held for 22nd National Assembly Election

On Friday, Nov 3, the NEC held a meeting where Director Generals of Si/Do election commission gathered to discuss election management measures and major issues in preparation for the 22nd National Assembly Election. The meeting was chaired by the NEC Chairperson Rho Tae-ak. Chairperson Roh Tae-ak called for accurate and transparent election mangement, improvement of public trust through strengthening information security, and strong response to false information using generative AI. Chairperson Rho also requested commitments to innovate the organization, such as operating laws that the public agrees with, providing accurate election information, and strenthening personnel fairness.

9 Nov: Reporting of Overseas Absentees for the 22nd National Assembly Overseas Election Begins on 12 Nov

Those who are registered residents such as international students, expatriates, and travelers wishing to vote abrod in the 22nd National Assembly overseas election, must report their absence in advance in order to vote from 12 Nov, 2023 to 10 Feb, 2024. Meanwhile, overseas Koreans without resident registration to vote in Overseas Elections must apply for overseas voter registration by 10 Feb, 2024. However, those who were on the list of overseas voters in the last election are automatically registered in the permanent list of overseas voters for the 22nd National Assembly election, so they can vote in the overseas election without a separate application.

13 Nov: Prohibition on Publication of Election Polls Solely Conducted via Corded Phones

The National Election Survey Deliberation Commission announced that the standards that limit the publication and reporting of election opinion polls conducted only via corded phones will take effect from Friday, 1 Dec. In order to improve the objectivity and reliability of election opinion polls, this amendment should increase the proportion of cordless phone surveys and disclose survey methods along with the survey results so that voters can make accurate decisions.

Press Releases
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