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H.E. Nurgali Arystanov, Kazakh Ambassador to the Republic of Korea Visits NEC

Date :12/18/2023Read : 24

H.E. Nurgali Arystanov, Kazakh Ambassador to the Republic of Korea Visits NEC

Led by Ambassador Nurgali Arystanov, the delegation of the Republic of Kazakhstan visited the National Election Commission of the Republic of Korea on the 1st of Dec, 2023. The Ambassador had a meeting with Secretary General Kim Yong-bin, joined by Chief Election Policy Officer Shin Kwang-ho. The delegation's visit to the NEC was to advance the relationship between the NEC and the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan as Ambassador Arystanov was newly inaugurated in June, 2023. 

The NEC and the Kazkh delegtion had a meaningful time together as they discussed fruitful agendas such as the upcoming international conference entitled "Constitutional Reform and Electoral System" to be taking place in Astana, Kazakhstan on 7-8 Dec, 2023, and the recent constitutional reform of the country. Upon the kind invitation from the Ambassador, the Secretary General has promised that the staff of the NEC will attend the online meeting as the conference.


As the member countries of the A-WEB, the NEC and the delegation of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan wish to continue to further its coordination together in the field of elections and share knowledge and experiences in advancing democracy.

Press Releases
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