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New Year's Address by NEC Chairperson Rho Tae-ak

Date :01/02/2024Read : 61

Fellow Koreans,

A new morning has dawned in 2024, the year of Gapjin.

I hope all your wishes come true this year with the energy of the blue dragon soaring high in the sky.

As you may already know, the 22nd National Assembly election is scheduled to be conducted in April this year.

Although the electoral system reform and constituency delimitation have not yet been completed, the National Election Commission is making thorough preparations to ensure that election management is not disrupted under any circumstances.

From today, the NEC will improve the reliability of the election process by increasing transparency. It will work harder to manage voting and counting accurately so that voters can vote with confidence and their wishes are fully reflected in the election results.

We will also improve the polling station environment to the next level so that all voters can vote safely and without inconvenience.

Not only that, we will guarantee freedom of election campaign as much as possible, but in accordance with the recently revised Public Official Election Act, we will respond quickly and strongly to serious crimes that disrupt election order, such as the creation and distribution of false information using generative AI.

In addition, we will provide accurate election information in a timely manner and promote policy elections to help voters make the right choices.

Fellow Koreans,

Elections are said to be the flower of democracy. At the same time, elections are a fierce battleground to win public support. Elections must display a process of harmonization in which the public becomes one by competing fairly and accepting the results.

However, as political polarization and confirmation bias have recently deepened along with suspicions of election fraud, there are concerns that the original function of elections may be threatened by an atmosphere that promotes election disobedience and undermines national solidarity.

Regardless of any difficulties, the National Election Commission will once again deeply engrave its constitutional responsibility of fair election management in its heart and manage elections accurately and transparently to create an election of unity and harmony where all citizens can trust the election results.

We ask that the political parties and candidates participating in the election, as well as the voters, create a mature election culture of trust, respect, compliance, and harmony.

Fellow Koreans,

The new year is a meaningful year in which all of our precious votes come together to open the future of the Republic of Korea. The National Election Commission will stand with the people on the path to opening the future with fairness and trust.

Your interest and support will be highly appreciated as we will spare no effort in achieving our goal.

The NEC hopes that all your wishes come true this year and that your family be safe and happy. Happy New Year!

Thank you.

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