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Approximately 150,000 Applicants Reported/Registered for the 22nd National Assembly Overseas Elections (Tentative)

Date :02/22/2024Read : 121

Approximately 150,000 Applicants Reported/Registered for the 22nd National Assembly Overseas Elections (Tentative)

Expected to be around 7.6% of the estimated 1.97 million overseas voters 

The number of overseas absentees and overseas voters who reported or registered for the 22nd National Assembly overseas election was provisionally counted as 150,701 (as of 07:00am on February 12, Korean Time).

Among the total number of reportees and registered, there are 120,541 overseas voters with resident registration in Korea, and 30,160 overseas voters (including 25,743 people registered on the permanent list). This is 7.6% of the estimated 1.97 million overseas voters, a 15.0% decrease from the 177,348 people in the 21st National Assembly election.

Due to the decrease in international students and general overseas residents, the ‘estimated number of overseas voters (1,974,375 people)’ for the 22nd National Assembly election decreased by 175,316 (8.2%) compared to the 21st National Assembly election (2,149,691 people).

<Current status of overseas election reports and registrations> (unit: person)


20th NA Elections

(April 13, 2016)

19th Presidential Election (May 9, 2017)


21th NA Elections (April 15, 2020)

Presidential Election (March 9, 2022)

22th NA Elections (April 10, 2024)

Report and Registration






By country, the number of applicants from the three countries was 34,490 from the United States, 25,230 from Japan, and 17,152 from China, accounting for 51.0% of the total. By continent, Asia had the largest number at 76,950 (51.0%), followed by the Americas with 47,905 (31.8%) and Europe with 19,769 (13.1%).

The overseas voter’s list is prepared over a period of 10 days from February 21st to March 1st, and then finalized on March 11th after a review and objection period.

As the interest and participation of overseas voters is more important than anything else, the National Election Commission will further strengthen voting participation promotional activities using various media such as broadcasting, newspapers, and online, while conducting flawless elections so that the precious wishes of overseas voters are accurately reflected.

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