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Remarks by NEC Chairperson Rho Tae-ak on the Realization of Beautiful Elections

Date :05/19/2022Read : 217

My fellow Koreans,

The election campaign for the 8th nationwide simultaneous local elections will begin in earnest tomorrow.

The upcoming elections hold special significance as we elect a total of 4,125 local workers composed of mayors/governors, superintendents of education, heads of city/gu/gun Governments, and local council members.

By-elections for National Assembly members will also be held in 7 constituencies.

The National Election Commission (NEC) takes management of these elections seriously and is making concerted efforts for preparations so that every single vote of the citizens is fully reflected in these elections.

Moreover, regardless of the quarantine status of voters who have tested positive for COVID-19, we will strive to the best of our abilities to ensure the safety of all, under any circumstances.

By putting together capabilities and wisdom, the NEC will meet the mandate of responsibilities inscribed in the Constitution and the expectations given by the Korean people. We will do so by managing the elections more accurately and transparently.

My fellow Koreans,

The nationwide simultaneous local elections are the starting point of grassroots democracy in which we all elect representatives that are directly linked to our lives and our children’s education.

What is critically important during these elections is the voters’ special attention because a number of candidates are running for office, which leaves us with many boxes to fill in.

Making the right choice in elections requires careful examination of policies and pledges that candidates propose and thoroughly contemplating whether or not they are feasible.

In this regard, candidates can play their part by staying away from seeking votes with money, valuables, false information, or connection.

All public officials must maintain a strictly neutral stance to prevent any election interventions; civil societies and social organizations must stay within the boundaries of the law when conducting necessary activities.

I ask the media to help voters make decisions by providing accurate information about candidates after scrupulously attesting to candidates’ abilities and qualifications.

While the NEC will guarantee maximum freedom of political expressions, it will promptly take strict action against serious election crimes that severely undermine election orders.

My fellow Koreans,

Only active participation and keen interest of voters can make our local governments’ autonomy advance and enrich the lives of people.

Democracy begins when beautiful elections take place where candidates compete with each other fairly and concede cleanly and everyone harmonizes.

The NEC promises to draw closer to the people to restore credibility and trust.

We ask for your participation and cooperation in making beautiful elections that create participation, fairness, and harmony.

Thank you.

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